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The Birth of Soiedroo X5 & X6 and the Thinking Behind It

      2017 should be the first blooming year of TWS. At that time, the signal and technology of TWS earbuds were just got mature. According to the point of view of market, the demand for stable TWS earbuds was far more than its supply. So as long as you have mature products, customers would line up at your factory gate to buy them.

      Most customers didnt require for good appearance of the earbuds. What they cared about most was the stable quality of the products. And they asked for stable signal, good compatibility and long-lasting battery which can at the least be used for 3 hours. The development trend of earbuds factories was to make the earbuds as small as it can, hence forcing the producing of a batch of tiny bean-style earbuds.
      With the development and upgrade of the chip technology, the good signal was no longer the threshold of TWS earbuds. There were more and more earbuds had the same functions which could meet all the customers need. However, at the same time, people found the disappointed parts of the tiny bean-style earbuds:
 1.The in-ear earbuds ear caps would make the ears swell up, so they cannot be worn for a long time. Some people even developed otitis media.  
 2.The in-ear earbuds would make you hear your heart beat as wearing a stethoscope while exercising.
 3.Tiny bean-type earbuds mainly adopt 6mm speaker unit, so the sound of music may not be expressed totally, thus it cannot give consumers a perfect music enjoyment.  
 4.The most fatal defect is that the MIC of the bean-type earbuds is oriented to the left and right sides, which will make it picks up the noise first, resulting in unclear calls in most scenes.  
In 2008, Apple had released its first half in-ear TWS earbuds, and this earbuds perfectly solved the above problems. But Chinese factories’ knock-offs were following Apple's lead, producing a slew of Apple-style earbuds with uneven quality, which left consumers with a mid-range value proposition for Apple-style earbuds. The main problems of Apple-style earbuds: 1. Most  kick-offs are half in-ear earbuds, so it’s hard for them to tune out the low frequency, thus they have no bass. 2. The earbuds are too small, and the battery’s quality cannot be guaranteed. Most of them are disposable.

      At the beginning of 2019, our team conducted a survey of the earbuds on the market, and found that most of them did not perfectly solve the problems of Bean-type earbuds. In June, we started to redefine the products. The new products should tackle five problems : 1. Wear comfortably, do not seal the ear canal, and solve the stethoscope effect. 2. The sound field should be wide, and should be able to perfectly express the song's high, middle and low frequency band. 3. The voice call should be clear in every scenes. 4. The ID design should break away from the bean-type and rod-type appearance on the market to strengthen the identification of consumers, so as to jump out of the anchor price range of consumers. 5. Titanium plate composites diaphragm, as the highest hardness of high rigid material, its sound conduction speed is fast, helping the sound of high frequency extension, and the sound permeability and penetration are strongger, which enrich the details of the sound;  At the same time, the low frequency distortion can be reduced to the maximum extent, and the current signal can be 100% restored.  In addition, its thinness and lightness ensure its ultra-low energy consumption and easy driving as a diaphragm.  These are the advantages of graphene materials.  (We use a 13F horn)


      Soiedroo X5 & X6 are our new produtcs which can overcome many problems of the past earbuds. And our brand Soiedroo is created by a group or engineers with a combined experience of over 30 years in the industry.  Our sounds products aim to provide musical listening experience at an affordable price. It's always exciting to develop better products, there is a will there is a way.

Written by Denlie Yan
Translated by Hedy
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